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Mrilan Devi Hostel facility is available to students who have applied to programs of B.Sc (Undergraduate). Each room of Mrilan Devi Hostel is equipped with a bed, a mattress, a pillow, a table, a chair, a cupboard with or without an attached bathroom. Mrilan Devi campuses are "No Smoking" Campuses. Students shall not bring, take and /or drink any alcohol/intoxicating drink/drug or any similar thing of any kind whatsoever and/or smoke in the room and/or any part of the premises; the same shall apply to visitors also. In case of default, strict disciplinary action, even amounting to rustication from the hostel/ institute, will be taken as per rules and code of conduct. There is a strict code of conduct practiced at all Mrilan Devi Hostels. Students wishing to stay in the Hostel will have to abide by the code of conduct. Every effort has been made to provide the best facilities for students who live on campus. Every student has access to a wide range of activities, facilities and support Mrilan Devi Hostels is situated down the valley in a beautifully landscaped and carefully tended gardens, providing an ideal environment for a congenial learning experience to the students.

Student Affair

Students are expected to adhere to a dress code while attending classes, the library, labs, during Examinations and formal functions of the University. They should be well turned out at all times.

Recommended for Boys

Trousers and collared shirt; shoes and socks.

Recommended for Girls

Salwar or churidhar with kameez / trousers with formal shirt and formal footwear.

It is also recommended that students avoid torn (intentional/otherwise), dirty dresses and related accessories, which is not in keeping with the decorum of the institution.

The safety of students, faculty and visitors is important to us. Mrilan Devi campus and basic security measures must be observed for personal safety.

  1. Speed is the cause for majority of the accidents. Students are recommended to observe the traffic rules and drive cautiously. However, the students are not encouraged to have their own vehicles inside the campus.
  2. Students are expected to possess the identity card issued by Mrilan Devi at all time and are required to produce the same when asked for by the institutional and Mrilan Devi authorities/ District Police Authority.

Grievance Redressal Mechanism in place for the student community

  1. All students are covered with Medicare which entitles them general hospitalisation, including drugs (excluding diet) and outpatient benefits (excluding drugs, materials, etc).
  2. All students are required to carry the ID card all the time while visiting the hospital. The ID card number is the Medicare number of the students.

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