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    • 08 September
    • Posted By : somnath_college
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    India has long been known as a hub for nurses, and often looked upon to supply nurses to the 1st World Nations. Notably, when we consider Indian history, nurses were actually young men. Women acted as midwives for aiding in childbirth. And, a long time ago, the acceptance of nursing as a profession in India was blockaded due to various reasons. At that point in time, India was caught in the fences of political upheaval and cultural uncertainty.

    However, time passed. Now, for many good reasons, nursing as a profession has grown and the demand for nurses in India is set to continue. While once there was very little choice in choosing any specialization, there is now a plethora of career opportunities. The career opportunities in nursing are very high not only in India but also abroad. With more and more nursing colleges opening up each day, it is a sign of the requirement of skilled and qualified people required for the service. Undoubtedly, the career is not for everyone as it asks for a lot of patience and hard work.


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